“My ear tickles…”

The same day Nolan had his GI appointment, Lilyann had a pediatrician’s appointment for ear pain.  OYE, I say!  Lilyann started to complain of ear pain (my ear tickles) and she had woken at night two nights in a row.  When looking at her ear [with a flashlight] I saw blood and dried blood.  Her ear also kept getting red.  I didn’t want to end up in the same boat as the last ear infection…a month of ear drops and doctor’s appointments, so I decided to take her in.  Her ENT, of course, didn’t have any openings and her pediatrician didn’t either, so we saw one of Dr. H’s (pediatrician) colleagues.  

Yep, ear infection!  And yep, just her left ear (it’s always just the left ear, since the tubes were placed).  Antibiotic ear drops, 2x a day for 5 days!  Here we go again.  As you can imagine Lilyann remembers how ‘good’ it feels to have ear drops put in your ears.  This time, she only ‘fought‘ me for the first day or so.  PROGRESS!

But we made it through it, all five days without any major issues.  NICE change!!

The last day of her antibiotics was Sunday, January 16, 2011!  That day at church, the Lord touched me during worship.  It was one of the times where I just cried out to God and He ministered to me.  At the time, I thought it was because of Nolan GI appointment and Lilyann’s ears.  But looking back, I now know it was God preparing me for the week ahead. I was weeping…mascara marks on my shirt.  I could not hold in ‘my emotions’.  Some of you reading this may not understand what I am writing about, but I pray one day you will.  My Spirit was being spoken and ministered too!  Again, it reminds me of how great our God is and how personable He is to us.  He truly goes before us in all we do and say. 

Read our next post to find out what God was preparing me for. 


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